Your business is the expression of your wisdom, your dreams, your vision of the world, your brilliance, your energy, your tears, your frustration, your awesomeness, and more. And that. is. AMAZING!

And yet there might be some spots where you may feel...shall we say, less than abundant.

​When it comes to understanding and managing your money...
Or setting boundaries with your clients or your business itself...
Or deciding on the right structure for your business...
Or who to invite onto your team...
Or you've just got some icky voices in your head saying mean things about what you're doing and how you're doing it.  

That's why the Abundant Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program is so important: 
it's dedicated to helping you do all that (and more!) to create abundance in your life and your business.
The truth is, there are LOTS of "shoulds" in today’s entrepreneurial world. 

You SHOULD have a 6 figure income!

(And if you don't want that or don't have that, there's something wrong with you.)

Those six figures SHOULD happen overnight, or pretty close to overnight.

(And if you couldn't/can't make that happen, there's something wrong with you.)

You SHOULD be able to generate those 6 figures on an aesthetically scarred wood table on the top of cliff by the beach in Bali, with nothing but a MacBook Air and a smartphone for your hotspot.

(And if you can't do that or don't want that, there's something wrong with you.)

You should be working 4 hours a week.

(And if you're working more than that, there's something...well, you get the point.)

In all honesty, some of those things sound good to me (I like location independence and working off a laptop someplace beautiful), but they might not be what you want. Your idea of an abundant business and life might be entirely different. AND THAT’S OKAY!

The Abundant Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program helps you get clear on what success means to YOU, and how to make that happen.

One more thing about the "shoulds": none of them say anything whatsoever about how to manage your money OR your mindset once the money is coming in.
And that's problematic. To have a business, it's important to know the nuts and bolts of personal and business finance, to be able to look at money objectively, as a tool...rather than something to be ignored or feared.  
Not being able to do those things has very real implications for your much money you earn, what you do with your once you earn it, how confident you feel about actually charging for what you do, and more. And ALL of those have implications for how you live your life.

The truth is this:

We were not innately born with the knowledge of what a balance statement is, what the difference between compound and simple interest is, how credit works, how to save when your income goes up and down, or how to cultivate a mindset that supports our abundance and our business.

It's likely that you live in a land where money and economics weren't taught in school, and if it was talked about at home, it was probably not a discussion filled with joy or information or ease.  Too much of the time, money talk in our homes when we were kids was filled with fear, anger, scarcity, and misunderstanding. 

So how on earth are you supposed to know what to do with your money when (!!) it starts coming in?

Quite simply, you gotta learn it.  And it is learnable! By YOU!
Choosing to learn about and empower yourself about money, to uncover and honor your own definition of success, as well as your desires, your strengths and gifts in your business is REVOLUTIONARY.

And you know what? Being an entrepreneur at all is revolutionary!

Think about it. The world is pretty much organized in a way that says we’re all supposed to work for someone else who started or runs a company. We’ve been taught that you go to work, you get paid, you get a few weeks of vacation time and a pension, and that’s that.

That’s how it’s been in the western world since the Industrial Revolution, and that’s pretty much how it is for the vast majority of people who work. So having your own business is revolutionary and courageous. That is both awesome and HARD.   

One more thing I gotta add here: many in the entrepreneurial world are women.

Women are not taught to be confident about money. They’re not taught how to manage it, or even that it’s okay for them to manage it. They’re not taught to value themselves or their incredible gifts highly. This means that women tend to undercharge, avoid dealing with their money, and thus their businesses aren’t as abundant as they could be.

Same thing goes for people of color.  For LGBTQIA. For other groups and religions who have been excluded from the dominant power structure.

So if you're a woman, if you're a person of color, if you're a person from another group that has been excluded from, then choosing to empower yourself over your own money and choosing to step out of the typical system of working for someone else to have your own business and take your desires and dreams seriously...WHOA. That is seriously revolutionary!

Hence the Abundant Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program!
S0...what does it mean to be an abundant entrepreneur anyway?

An abundant entrepreneur...

Owns their power and the importance of what they offer to the world and their clients.

Knows their own definition of success…whether or not it's the same as society's definition of success.

Sees money as an ally…and so they don't have to avoid or fear money.

​Knows their business desires and treats them as valid and beautiful treasures, and does what is necessary to make them happen.

Owns their power to do good in the world through their business.

Knows they have to do the inner work...and that they can outsource the outer work once it's financially feasible.

Recognizes that creating their own life and income is revolutionary.

Values their time and energy and knows how to set boundaries.

Knows their fears and limiting beliefs…AND how to overcome them.

Knows how money works and how to manage money in their own business and their life.

Knows how to prepare for taxes, handle debt, and saving for the future. Knows how to find the right people to help run their abundant business.

Doesn’t hide from the business part of their business.

Understands money and all the stuff that goes into their business…and how to outsource the things that don’t give them pleasure. 

In a nutshell, an abundant entrepreneur knows what they have to offer, and is not hamstrung by fears about money, their worth, or anything else that might keep them from abundance!

If any of that feels unattainable, let me assure you that it is NOT.

In fact, it IS attainable.

Full program
Pay in installments
per month for 4 months
Group program
The Abundant Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program was created to help you answer questions like:

~ How can I let go of the beliefs holding me back from taking my business to the next level?
~ How do I charge enough to get by…let alone charge what I’m worth?
~ I’m used to doing this stuff for free—how do I get used to charging?
~ This is my labor of love, and it's also how I want to make my living. How do I become comfortable with charging and taking payment?
~ How do I set my prices?

~ My income goes dramatically up and down. How do I handle those feast/famine phases?
~ How do get comfortable talking about money and charging for what I do?
~ What happens when I actually make money?
~ How do I decide what to invest in?
~ How much do I set aside for retirement and for the future?

~ What are my options for saving? What’s an annuity? What’s a CD?
~ What’s ROI and all that stuff on my bank and investment statements that I don’t understand?
~ How, how, how, HOW do I get over my fear of money?

Here’s just a smidgen of what will happen during this program. You'll learn:

: My 12 step system to overcome your limiting beliefs and fears about money and abundance.
: How to cultivate an abundant mindset so you create a container for all the money that will be coming your way.
: How to make an income plan that takes into account your offerings, your expenses, and your desires.
: The joys of multiple streams of income—passive and otherwise.
: How to stand in your value as an entrepreneur so you can charge what you’re worth and communicate your awesomeness with your current and future clients.
: How money works! You’ll learn important personal and business finance concepts and you’ll know more than 80% of people in the US and beyond about money.
: How and how much to save when you have a fluctuating income.
: What business structures exist and how to choose one that works for you and your biz.
: How debt and credit work. : Learn how to choose your financial entourage.
: How to uncover your own definition of success. 

The full program takes on ALL of that, by combining 1-on-1 support and a group education program.

Just so you know, I chose this format after testing out several ways of doing this course. People experienced greater success when they received the info shared in the group calls combined with the support and accountability from the 1-on-1 support.

1-on-1 support:
You’ll have your own 90 minute 1-on-1 session with me where we’ll do a comprehensive abundance assessment. We’ll figure out your desires and dreams and the gremlins holding you back. We’ll see where you are financially and what your next steps need to be to create abundance for you starting where you’re at (financial advisors charge thousands for this, BTW).

So right out the gate, you’ll get some powerful concrete tools that will speedily move you forward with gaining the confidence that you can indeed manage your money…and manage it well. And I’ll be checking up on you throughout the program to make sure you’re doing your next steps!

Group support (also available as a standalone option):
During the topic calls, we'll go over the essential concepts of personal finance that 80% of people don't know. We'll delve deeply into managing your business cash flow, how to save when your income is inconsistent, and more. You'll learn what the heck a financial statement is, a balance statement, and the many forms an IRA can take. (I know, fascinating, right?)

I promise to combine it with lots of dance breaks and worksheets to make the info as easily accessible as possible. :)

See, these concepts aren't difficult. You've just been convinced they are by financial services people who want you to feel like you NEED (and must pay for) their help! (And you might, but then again, you might not!)

Look, I know you've either got or are totally planning on hiring a bookkeeper, a financial advisor, a kickass accountant, and more. And you absolutely should! (We'll talk about your financial entourage as well, and how to pick 'em.) really, really, really need to know how everything works so that you don't glaze over when they talk to you. Because glazing over can lead to being taken advantage of. (Have you seen old episodes of "Behind the Music"? They are CHILLING.) Or leaving potential opportunities and income on the table. You deserve better than that...and so do your clients.

Being more comfortable with money will help you take care of yourself and your business, which will serve your clients better. Win-win-win!

Here’s what we'll work on together: 
Identifying your WHYs and overcoming the gremlins standing in your way.
Core abundance tools, your definition of success, and your zone of genius
Creating your income map and how to set your prices
Money, money, money! Principles of personal and biz finance that most people just don't know.
Money part 2! Debt, credit, how to invest and how to save.
Managing your resources: time, energy, your financial entourage, and more!
I'm Eryka Peskin, and here's why I can share all this with you
I'm an abundance coach, a licensed social worker, a fierce cheerleader, and I have a bunch of financial services licenses too.

 I do this work because my all-encompassing desire to is free us all from the inner gremlins—the limiting beliefs and fears—that keep us locked in scarcity and prevent us from going after our beautiful dreams and desires. I believe that people who are happy and in touch with their abundance do good things in the world, which means that an abundant mindset is good for the world, and that it is our birthright to achieve our highest potential.
I was a financial planner with a $520 billion financial services company and helped people assess their finances, their goals and dreams, and implement plans to make them happen. My degree in social work means that I'm excited to talk to people about feelings and dreams...and able to help them take concrete and inner steps to bring them to fruition.

And, I'm and ABUNDANCE COACH! I love connecting people to their abundance and power...and I'm damn good at it!

Lemme tell you a little more about me and how I got here.

The truth is, money used to scare the crap out of me.

Five years ago I was recovering from bankruptcy after winning money in a lawsuit from New York City because I broke my ankle in a pothole when I was 16 years old. 

I never wanted to go through anything like that again. So I learned as much as I could about money. I took classes in person and online. I got licensed to be a financial services representative and learned about personal finance, and taught it to others. I’d started a nonprofit in NYC to empower and educate women and girls, and my money issues were SO huge that I couldn’t fundraise.

I’m serious. It sounds ridiculous now, but I had so many issues with money that I couldn’t even fundraise! Not fundraising meant that I was spending my own money on the organization, which was fine for awhile except that, well, it finally ran out and I ended up in bankruptcy.

Yep. I was like those lottery winners who win a ton of money and then end up in bankruptcy because they don’t know how to manage their money...and they don't know how to manage their mindset.

Ultimately, though, that was the best thing that could have happened to me. Because I needed to transform my relationship with money, and that wasn’t going to happen until I was forced to. 
And I wasn’t going to prioritize it until I had to…because I sooooo didn’t want to deal with it! And that’s why the bankruptcy was fantastic for me. I did whatever I could to learn about money, short of getting an MBA because that sounded boring. I took workshops, read books, got those financial services licenses and learned everything I could about money: how it works, what's the best thing to do with it, and more. And in doing so, I completely transformed my relationship with money…and myself.
Now I work with people on overcoming the limiting beliefs and fears that hold them back from creating the life they truly desire, one where they fully use their incredible gifts to their highest potential.

I’ve created a spectacularly abundant business for myself. Here’s what that means to me:

~ financial abundance: I make more than enough money to take care of my expenses (necessities and bonuses!), fund my retirement, taxes, insurance and other stuff I talk about during the course. I feel completely empowered to manage my money. I know when money will be coming in and what to do with it when it does. I know how to choose my financial entourage, how to set my prices, and, very very importantly, money doesn’t scare me.

~ time freedom: I have the time freedom to manage my schedule the way I want to. If I want to spend time with my nephews during the day and do client calls and write emails later or in the middle of the night, I have the freedom to do that!

~ location freedom: I can work wherever I want! If I want to do a call with a client on the ocean in California or at the Grand Canyon, then I can (and have!). Have reception, will travel…and work!

~ client freedom: I get to choose who I want to work with. Not everyone is a perfect fit for what I do, or sometimes our personalities don’t fit. That’s fine! I get to choose who I work with, which is just. so. awesome!

Within 4 years of my bankruptcy, I created that. ^^^^^^ And I'm pretty proud of it!

Two very important points about that:

1. My definition of an abundant business might not resonate with you. That's fine! I share this so you can see that success and dreams come in many flavors. Whatever yours is, it's valid AND it's create-able!

2. Although I am awesome, I am not special. You can create your version of an abundant business, just like I can. And this program is ALLLLL about showing you how to do that. 
As I shifted into coaching and started talking to other coaches and entrepreneurs, I realized how lucky I was to know about money and abundance…because most people don’t.

See, most entrepreneurial training programs outside of business school don’t teach their students how to handle their money.

Coaching programs, for example, might teach a little how to market and a little about mindset, but the vast majority of them don’t teach their students how to shift and cultivate a mindset of possibility and abundance, AND how to set their prices, know their worth, develop offerings, or what to do with money when it comes in.

THAT. IS. BANANAS. And, frankly, it's a travesty. It’s like telling someone, “I’m going to teach you how to drive!" and teaching them how to adjust the mirrors and turn the key in the ignition but not how to, you know, DRIVE. It's irresponsibly incomplete.

And if you're creating your dream business and going it alone, where are you going to learn how to manage money? By reading book after book, article after article, in your copious amounts of free time? Ha ha ha, lulz. You're an entrepreneur! You don't have time to reinvent that wheel!

The Abundance Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program rectifies these issues!

Full program
Pay in installments
per month for 4 months
Group program
You might be thinking: 
There are LOTS of programs out there to help entrepreneurs with money. What makes this one special?
It's true! There ARE in fact, lots of programs and courses out there that cover entrepreneurship and money. And some of them are great and run by fantastic people who know a LOT about money...OR they know a LOT about mindset.

Honestly, I haven't seen a program that teaches comprehensive and effective money management while also helping people work through the important inner work around fears and beliefs about money and worth. Likewise, I haven't seen a program that deals with money mindset...while also teaching people how to actually manage their money!

I have yet to find one that responsibly and accurately covers both. And believe me, I've been looking.
Until now, that is!
I know both...and I can teach both.

Through my degree in social work and my work in social justice, I've learned a great deal about how inner work transforms our outer world, and helped hundreds of people do exactly that.

And through my journey around money and getting all those financial services licenses, I've learned a LOT about money and how it works...and I've helped hundreds of people do that too.

The thing is, a lot of fantastic money managers just don't have the skill or the patience to talk to people about their feelings about money. And a lot of truly excellent mindset coaches don't have the actual nuts and bolts knowledge to help their clients actually take action with their money.

​I know how to do both, and I actually like doing both. 
So why why WHY drop a lot of money on a bunch of programs when you can get all of that in one?  

Like, say, the Abundant Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program!
4 big things will happen during our work together:
1) You’re going to uncover and begin to work through your issues with money.

2) You’re going to learn my most powerful core abundance tools to create and maintain an abundant mindset—a mindset of possibility and one where you can create a beautifully abundant business.

3) You’re going to create, honor, and live by your own definition of success, your gifts, and how you desire to live your life.

4) You’re going to be so comfortable with money! You’re going to learn important personal and business finance concepts, how investing works, how to create and cultivate your financial entourage, how to set your prices, how to figure out how to save and…oh my, the list goes on!

My commitment to you:

~ To support you and keep you accountable to your dreams—for your business and your life.
~ To show you powerful and effective tools to help you create your abundant business.
~ To help create a community where we all support each other on this journey.

I commit to helping you see how amazing you are...and how to apply that to your and business so you are living a life that brings you incredible joy and where you exercise your power to transform the world.

What people are saying about the Abundant Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program:
I just finished the Abundant Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program and it was awesome! We talked about everything from dreams, fears, and blocks to finances, actual percentages to put into your (multiple) savings accounts, how to budget and how to price your offerings. Eryka really covered a ton and also offered an hour an a half private session to break down your income and expenses to suggest ideas for where to put your money. It was amazing!  
~ Janette, Seattle, WA

Eryka, I cannot express how grateful I am for your insightful abundance assessment. You see me.  I am absolutely in awe of the things you have noticed and that added a “to do” for me to each one…I now know why you are a cheerleader, you definitely give me the get up and go, the belief that I can and the insight of fundamental self worth at every junction. What an enormous pleasure you are. Thank you. 
~Jenni, Durbin, South Africa
Through our work together, I raised my fees and got more clear about my value. Thank you so much for that!
~ Jennifer, NYC

 I so enjoyed this class! It opened my eyes and made me say I must take charge. 
~ Carol, NYC

Eryka the money maven is a wise and insightful guide on the journey to understanding and enhancing our financial situations. She says what needs to be said with gentleness, but also without letting us get away with avoiding the uncomfortable. She's big-hearted and generous and business smart, and I'd highly recommend letting her to help you transform your financial life! 
~ Lisa, Guadalajara, Mexico
It's time for you to create an abundant business that is worthy of you and your dreams.
With all my heart, I hope you join me. Here are the details on how it's going to go down:

There will be group calls, a one-on-one abundance assessment, a Facebook group so you can be connected to an awesome community of abundant entrepreneurs, and bonuses.

Group support:
Six 75ish minute group topic calls
Two 60ish minute Q&A calls

One-on-one support:
90 minute abundance assessment with personalized next steps to manage your money and increase your abundance, plus follow up support.

Call dates:
Wednesday, January 16th, 2pm EDT (topic call)
Wednesday, January 30th, 2pm EDT (topic call)
Tuesday, February 5th, 8:30pm EDT
​​​ (Q&A call) 
Wednesday, February 13th, 2pm EDT (topic call)
Wednesday, February 27th, 2pm EDT (topic call)
Wednesday, March 13th, 2pm EDT (topic call)
Monday, March 18th, 8:30pm 
​​​ (Q&A call) 
Wednesday, March 27th, 2pm (topic call)

All calls will be recorded, and you'll get the recordings and supplemental materials after each call. 

Bonuses! There will be bonuses for all, whether you enroll in the full program or the group program.

Bonus #1: You get lifetime access to the topic calls and the Facebook group.  That means each time I offer the course, you can take it live—you can ask questions, get support, and access any new bonuses from contributors AND new content from me!

Bonus #2: Various ways to take payments, by VA extraordinaire Eileen West.

Additional bonuses from awesome contributors are being finalized. Rest assured, they will be EPIC!
Okay. Real talk now.

It is our normal tendency to avoid things that we either don’t like or make us feel stupid.

For many of us, money and abundance are both. And that costs us. A. Whole. Lot.

But honey, were you taught about money in school or at home? Were you taught to love and to feel comfortable dealing with money?

Most of us weren’t. Most of us learned lessons that money is scary, dirty, and uncomfortable. You know what we do when something is scary, dirty, and uncomfortable? WE AVOID IT!

That is a recipe for having a business that is NOT ABUNDANT!

I get it. Money can be confusing. There are so many things to do with it! There’s so much to know about how to manage it! How do we manage it in our businesses and in our personal lives?

Money can be scary. What if we do the wrong thing with it and lose it all? What if we don't make any?

And we might have been taught things like “money is the root of all evil” or “only bad people have money” or “all rich people are bad” and so forth.

So if you’re feeling the desire to avoid this like the plague, I get it.

The thing is, your business deserves more. YOU deserve more! Think about how great you’ll feel when you know how much you need to make, and what to do with it when it comes in!

When you step into your highest potential as an entrepreneur, you change your life. You change your world. And quite possibly, you change the entire world.
Because that's what happens when revolutionaries act like revolutionaries: the world changes.
I'm sure you have questions!

Here are some common ones: 

Q: Why will this course work for me when/if other courses or books or whatever haven't?  I've spent a LOT on other business courses and they didn't work and made me feel bad about myself.

Okay. If you have this question, then I can tell that you've got some self-doubt and are perhaps feeling hopeless that anything for you can or will change. Honey, I understand! I've been there!

First of all, we're going to spend a good chunk of time on letting go of those thought patterns and see where that hopelessness comes you can let go of it. Because it's bullshit and it's messing with your head.

Second, just by asking that question, you've made an important shift. You have insight that what you've tried before doesn't work, and you're (hopefully) willing to try something new.  Between the alchemy of you and me, the combination of group and one-on-one work, plus the wonderful group, I have faith that amazing things can and will happen.

I will say, though, that I can present the information and the support...and that you've got to commit to yourself to do the work and try something new. If you can't do that, then this course isn't right for you.

I'm not interested in taking your money and you not doing the work and then feeling even crappier about yourself. That's not what I'm about, and that's not what I want for you.

Q: Who is this for?

This is a two part question! 

First, this course will work for your business if you’re a coach, an artist, a healer, a consultant, whether you’re in the US or not, and a variety of other scenarios. 

And second, this course is for you if you're willing to recognize that you probably have beliefs that are holding you back AND ARE WILLING TO CHANGE THEM. 

This course is for you if you're willing to try new things, allow yourself to be uncomfortable.

Mostly, this course is for you if you're willing to recognize that you're awesome and therefore take action to create an abundant business and life for yourself!

Q: Why are you qualified to do this? 

I have a Masters degree in social work from Hunter College School of Social Work in NYC, I founded a women's empowerment nonprofit, I went through hell and back financially and decided to learn about money and got all sorts of financial licenses, and I've coached hundreds of people to overcome their limiting beliefs and fears in order to achieve their highest potential.

My unique perspective of women's empowerment + social justice + finance + my general brilliance has helped me create a 12 step system to overcome limiting beliefs and fears (which you'll learn as part of the program).

And, crucially, I have seen time and again that helping people step into their power and own their awesomeness is THE best way to effect change in a world that desperately needs good people to make their voices heard.

Q: What happens once I sign up?

Within a few hours after you make your payment, you’ll receive a personal welcome e-mail from me with information about how to access the calls and additional info. Everything is set up to be as easy as possible for you. And if it's not, let me know! 

Q: How much of this can I really shift over just a couple of months?

That’s a great question. And the answer is…SO MUCH. Between the individual component and the group work, you’ll have accountability and support to keep moving through your fears and resistance to the awesomeness on the other side.

Q: Will I be a trazillionare at the end of it?

I can’t make that promise (although if that’s what you want, I’m totally supportive of you getting that!) but I am confident that major shifts in beliefs and income will happen!

Q: Um, I can't afford this. I'm not an abundant entrepreneur yet...but I REALLY want to be!

Oh boy, I SO hear you. It's a crappy situation to be in. I'm not like some other coaches who will try to manipulate you into spending more money than you've got on my stuff. As someone who has had issues with debting and overspending, I just can't do that and hold onto my integrity. 

So this is something you have to decide for yourself. Will I offer this program again? Probably. Will it be the same investment? I don't know, honestly. It definitely won't go down, and it might go up.

If you're feeling SO CALLED to do this, I've got referral programs as well as scholarships. Email me so we can talk about how to make this accessible for you CAN have an abundant business!

Note: scholarship priority given to women of color, LGBTQIA, low income women, and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Q: What if I’m not based in the US?

I’ll be honest—some of the info about retirement accounts, taxes, and some other stuff that we'll go into during the calls will be specific to the US. There's simply no way for me to be an expert in every financial system in the world! However, the course is CHOCK FULL of info that can help entrepreneurs all over the world overcome their inner gremlins and create both the inner and outer conditions for a crazy successful business. Also, when we do our 1-on-1 I'll be able to put some supplementary materials together just for you, based on your location and your financial situation.

Here’s a testimonial from someone based in Mexico:
Eryka the money maven is a wise and insightful guide on the journey to understanding and enhancing our financial situations. She says what needs to be said with gentleness, but also without letting us get away with avoiding the uncomfortable. She's big-hearted and generous and business smart, and I'd highly recommend letting her to help you transform your financial life!
Lisa, Guadalajara

Q: How much one-on-one support will I get?

You’ve got 90 whole minutes with me for the assessment, plus email support where I check in with you to see how you’re doing with your steps. Also, there will be Q&A sessions peppered throughout the course where you can ask questions in a group format. Plus you can ask questions on the Facebook group.

Q: Sounds like we do a LOT in a short time! How much time will it take? I am, after all, a busy entrepreneur!

I hear you! We've got a lot on our plates, so here's the time commitment. There are 6 topic calls, which are 75ish minutes long, plus the Q&A calls (2 all together), which will probably be an hour long. Maybe more, depending. I'd rather you ask all your questions and get 'em answered!

There will be, on average, 1-2 hours of homework per week. The more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it, of course!

Q: I love it! Can I pay in installments?

I'm deeply committed to my work being accessible to whoever feels the call, so YES! There's an installment program already in place, but if you need a longer installment period with lower payments, contact me. We'll make it work.

Q: What if I don't like it?

I know how scary it is to invest money in something that might not appear to have an immediate, tangible return. I'm so confident that this program will be AWESOME for you that I'm happy to guarantee that you'll get something out of it...or your money back. You'll have to do your part—complete the course, show that you read all the emails and did all the action steps, and make your request by September 15th—but if you do all that and find that it didn't serve you, then you'll get a nice refund from PayPal (less a 10% processing fee). 

Q: What ISN'T this course?

While this course will talk about some of the mindset aspects about marketing and price setting and visioning, this is not a marketing course, a tech course, or a figure-out-what-your-business-is course. Some of that might become clearer throughout our work together, but if those things are what you need, I have some great recommendations for you.

Any other questions? Email me and ask!
Your business, your desires, your clients, and YOU deserve for you to be as abundant an entrepreneur as possible. So let’s make it happen!

Learning about money and abundance is NOT that hard, I promise you. It just feels like it is.

If you're smart enough to learn about creating a business, you're absolutely without doubt smart enough and strong enough to ROCK your money, ROCK your biz, and ROCK your abundance.

If this resonates with you, let's do this!

Your business, your abundance, and your life say...thanks in advance.

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Disclaimer to make the legal team happy: The information on this website is for informational and promotional purposes only. This course will not make you an overnight success (whatever that means to you) because you still have to do the work. This program gives you the tools, insights, and the support you need to create an abundant business. If you put in the effort, we know you'll reap the rewards.